Rainbow Scrollwork Fat Cat

I made a few demo cats late this spring and one of them was the Rainbow Scrollwork Fat Cat. I ended up offering either the Fat Cat or the Original Scrollwork Cat as a prize for my Pin It To Win It contest this July. The winner ended up choosing the Fat Cat version and this colorful fella’ lives in Arizona now!

I took these photos during different sessions and that is why the top photo is a little darker than the bottom two. It’s hard to match up lighting from one day to the next at my house. I also think I took them in different rooms which made a huge difference. The difference between creating a Scrollwork Fat Cat and an Original Scrollwork Cat is literally about two full hours. They don’t seem much larger, but boy, they take about double the time!

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Available on Etsy

Although this Rainbow Scrollwork Fat Cat has been adopted, I do have the Original Scrollwork version available in the Made-to-Order section of my Etsy shop. Just choose the Original Scrollwork Cat and the Rainbow option. I have one in stock and can ship it out within 3-5 business days.

To see all my custom and ready-to-ship artwork, look at the listings below.

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