Red and Black Edgework Monogram | Letter N

Red and Black Edgework Monogram

I began quilling in either late summer or early fall of 2014. I was on a roll when I made this Red and Black Edgework Monogram | Letter N for my siste-in-law. I also created the Green S, Black Vines J, and several others that year.

Quilling is always a fantastic gift and even though my attempts were amateur at best, they were made with a lot of enthusiasm.


Even though I don’t really consider this Red and Black Edgework Monogram | Letter N something that I’m proud of (at least at this point in my career), I will explain it’s creation for those who might want to improve upon it, or try out the techniques.

It is on a 5″ x 7″ white cardstock background. At the time I was tracing letters directly onto paper with a pencil and quilling over them. Ugh! I outlined this with 1/4″ standard quilling strips as Edge strips weren’t available commercially. The stems of the “N” were just loose coils. The bottom right corner was made with a very large, multi-strip closed coil that I pulled into an eccentric shape. I glued several strips together for the upper left corner, and then fanned out the strips and then glued the other end – making a harp shape. That shape came from my favorite quilling book:

Picture of Paper Quilling Chinese Style