Red & Black Mixed Media | Jupiter Rising

This was the first mixed media piece I attempted. Red & Black Mixed Media | Jupiter Rising was influenced by my 2016/2017 obsession with fluid artwork – at the time revolving around alcohol inks. I’m writing this in hindsight and can happily say that I started fluid painting in September of this year and I cannot get enough!

Jupiter Rising was created on a fiber-infused artboard that I “painted” with alcohol inks. I like using alcohol inks with quilling because it doesn’t tend to disturb or liquefy the Elmer’s glue that I use.

After I’d laid down some color, I went about filling it in with my signature chaotic beehive technique, edgework, and some random coils. After it was sufficiently filled in, I splattered some more inks over the top.

Not everyone loves abstracts, but I sure do. This wasn’t my absolute favorite – Blue Smoker wins that prize, but there is a certain type of calm that I get when just plunking colors and paper and paint down at random. I love entropy and chaos and more than that I love seeing how those two things can create something beautiful out a mess.

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Red & Black Mixed Media | Jupiter Rising has a new home, but I am currently taking commissions. Please contact me with inquiries. Or, if you’d like to browse my selection of ready-to-ship artwork, check out my Etsy shop listings below.

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