Roadkill Mixed Media Art

I had a mixed-media obsession mid-summer of 2017 and this was one of my projects. I have no idea what inspired this roadkill mixed media art, nor why I even bothered. Part of me thinks I was just experimenting, trying new things. I had just created several anatomical pieces, so I guess it seems fairly logical that roadkill would come to mind. It could just have been that there was a ton of roadkill that summer. Who knows? I surely don’t.

Anyways, the point is that this website serves as an archive for all of my creative endeavors. It wouldn’t be complete without mention of even the least artistic pieces I create.

I think I was going for “raccoon” but didn’t really hit the mark. The fur and claws look fairly close to that species, but I have no idea what I was thinking with the mouth/face area.

Roadkill Mixed Media Art


Creating this Roadkill Mixed Media Art was pretty simple. I had a pom-pom hat that I didn’t like, so I removed the pom pom and turned it into roadkill. The claws are made from black, 1/4″ quilling strips – as it the mouth/muzzle/face. (Whatever you want to call it). The “blood” is acrylic paint. The yellow stripes are two 1/4″ quilling strips. And the whole piece is mounted on a piece of black, fiber-infused artboard.

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