Rose and Swirl Quilled Monogram | Purple & Teal

This rose and swirl quilled monogram in purple and teal was commissioned by a gentleman for his wife. He wanted it reminiscent of Sena Runa’s simple nested swirls.

I”m not sure whether the roses were my idea or his, but I happened to have some beautiful hand-made paper on hand and it made perfect little roses. I actually ran out of the paper and had to buy more but they were out of that same color. Luckily I hadn’t glued anything down so I made every other one in the new shade. It looks intentional so it worked out in the end.

The end result is pretty, but I definitely regretted not blending more (or less) of the purple into the teal swirls. The two sections that have obvious purple in them seem out of place. I guess the best way to critique your own work is to look at it a few years after you’ve made it so you have a wholly different perspective.

See my Monogram Gallery for all the lettering-based artwork I’ve created. And, if you need some inspiration, or are feeling down on yourself, peek at my Throwback Gallery for examples of what my first year of quilling looked like.

I don’t have any monograms for sale on my Etsy shop currently, and this rose and swirl quilled monogram has gone off to a new home, but would definitely consider a commission. Contact me with details. And, if you want to see what else I have ready-to-ship, click on any of the links below.

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