Ruth Bader Ginsburg Tribute | Paper Quilled Dissent Collar

I don’t recall ever crying about the death of any other public figure. But, when I saw the news on Twitter this past weekend, I was absolutely crushed. I shed more than a few tears for this remarkable woman and when I was feeling empty inside afterwards, knew that I had to pour my heart into this Ruth Bader Ginsburg Tribute piece.

I chose the Dissent Collar because to me it represented a strong voice. Women don’t speak up for themselves enough. We’re taught, maybe subconsciously to accept and smooth things over and to not make waves. We’re taught (or at least many of us are) and maybe even just by inference, that strong female voices are undesirable. That speaking our minds makes us unattractive. A man who is forceful and demanding and gets things done is a winner. He’s a manly man. A woman who does the same is mannish and distasteful, aggressive and hysterical.

RBG fought for women’s rights. She pioneered entirely new legal avenues to give us a leg up in society. To equalize. Losing her is devastating.

Artistic Details

This piece is 8″ x 10″ x 1/4″. It is made with black cardstock strips (for the outline), black standard weights strips (for the black gemstones), and silver gilded black quilling strips from JJ Quilling for the silver gemstones.

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