Siren’s Song | My Second Quilled Mermaid

Three years earlier I had created my first “Siren’s Song” Quilled Mermaid, and I was really surprised when someone contacted me asking to buy the original. Of course, as you might remember from that article, she was ruined accidentally and the only thing I had left of her were photos. The woman really wanted one so I began working on Siren’s Song | My Second Quilled Mermaid.

Out of all the people I have made things for, I have only ever had two people complain and one stiff me. And, if you look over my Index of Artwork, you’ll notice that I’ve pumped out a TON of artwork over the years. This was one complaint customers. Let’s just say that the fiasco with this mermaid was one of the reasons I quit quilling for two years. It wasn’t the whole reason, but the sting of this transaction left a mark that influenced my decision a few months later.

Now that a few years have gone by, I can look back at this and ignore all the bad and just appreciate the sheer amount of work that went into her.

Siren's Song | My Second Quilled Mermaid


Below are some “in-progress” shots I took with my cell phone. I’m not going to go into great detail about her creation, but I will touch on some of the points.

Template: I used the mermaid that I’d created in 2014 as a template for this one. I traced out the old watercolor and used it as a guide. You can see the sketch beneath my sheet protector.

Hair: Her hair was made (lovingly) with 1/8″ strips. This took an extraordinarily long time because I really wanted it to look nice. It ended up being three layers deep.

Body: I didn’t like the “combed” look of the first mermaid so I tried something new for this one. I combed it again, but filled it in with glue. It ended up kind of resembling textured plastic. I think if I were ever to do “skin” again I’d just leave it outlined with a flesh-toned background. It’s definitely a tough thing to do with paper.

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