Smoldering Metallic Fire | Acrylic Pour Painting

Smoldering Metallic Fire | Acrylic Pour Painting is one of those paintings that you absolutely HAVE to see in person to appreciate. No amount of photos or descriptions can truly relay the depth and beauty of this piece. One thing I keep going back to as I create this type of art is that the best way to present them is definitely in a gallery.

This spring we hope to build a workshop slash studio on a new piece of property behind our house. This will give me back my spare room, give my husband space to do some woodworking, and allow me a space to display my artwork for visitors.

Anyways, back to this beast. So, I think the best part of it is that the paint I used was a combination of gold, bronze, and copper metallics mixed with red and yellow translucent pouring paints. The end result is just phenomenal. Up close you can see “down” into the painting. The metallics shimmer up through the colors. It’s reminiscent of lava, a blazing inferno, and… some have said, blood spatter.


Smoldering Metallic Fire | Acrylic Pour Painting is SOLD. If you see a painting on my Facebook page or website that isn’t on Etsy, chances are it’s either in the curing phase, varnishing phase, or yet to be photographed. But, you can contact me to reserve items you are interested in. See my listings below.

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