Some More Acrylic Pours

I played around with acrylic pouring over Labor vacation. We spent some time at the family cottage fishing, but returned in the evenings since we prefer sleeping in our own bed. During these relaxed night I did some more acrylic pours. I’m pretty happy with the way some of the turned out.

I’m hoping to eventually get some of these up on my Etsy shop. I have to test out some varnishes, first though. It’s definitely a process but one that I’m very excited about learning.

What I like best about this artform is the pure chaos of it. Every single time you get a different result. I can use the same exact colors and technique and get paintings that look nothing like each other. I have several more drying currently and will post those images shortly.

The organic look of the finished product stimulates my neurons in all the right places. I find myself staring at all the amazing little details and wondering how such beauty can come from entropy.

The Purple/Silver, 2nd Blue/Gold/White, and Sky Blue/Fuchsia will all be available on my Etsy shop in the next few weeks. I think they’ll be a nice addition to my quilled artwork and if I sell a few here and there, I’m happy because it’ll help replenish supplies!

You can see my first couple of attempts at acrylic pouring here.

Currently Available on Etsy

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