Teakwood-Look Scrollwork Fat Cat

I created this Teakwood-Look Scrollwork Fat Cat after a marathon of trying to please a repeat customer. I’m not sure I’ve ever made as many cats in a row just to find one that someone likes. Moral of the story: try, try, again, for they will eventually like ONE of them – and you can sell the rest (hopefully!).

This particular customer was just the sweetest woman. I made her a Seal Point Scrollwork Fat Cat and she decided she wanted another and chose a design that was extremely cute, but when I found out what colors she wanted, I warned her that the end result would probably appear polka-dotted. But, I went ahead and made it, knowing it was probably not going to be what she wanted. Why did I continue? Well, first because I wanted to see what it looked like. And second, because it’s always worth a try.

She didn’t like it and asked that I darken the colors. So I created another one in that style, but using two dark color with a slightly value difference between them. That cat was so gorgeous! But, she didn’t like that one either. At that point I knew I couldn’t keep making cats over and over and I had one more chance to make her happy before I had to cry Uncle and refund her.

This was my final attempt. It’s essentially a scrollwork Fat Cat, but instead of leaving a lot of negative space around the scrollwork, I filled and filled and filled and filled to make it as dense as possible. This coupled with the extra deep 10mm paper made for an incredibly unique result that – to me – looks like deeply stained wood grain. I was thrilled to present it to her, but also acknowledged she may still not like it.

She did.


So, this guy is a bit different than my normal Fat Cats. First, he’s way larger and way deeper. Instead of a 5″ x 7″ he is mounted on a 9″ x 9″ background. He uses 10mm deep paper as opposed to 1/4″.

Available on Etsy

If you like this Teakwood-Look Scrollwork Fat Cat, I can make you a similar one. The listing you would choose is the Limited Edition Fat Cat. See more Custom Made listings on my Etsy shop below.

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