The Right Side of Quilling Paper

Believe it or not, quilling paper has a “side.” What I mean by this is that there really is a reason to make sure that all your strips are facing in the same direction when you make coils. The right side of quilling paper is easy to identify once you get the hang of it. Let me explain.

When quilling paper is cut, it’s done (usually) with some sort of guillotine cutting blade. A stack of paper is placed in a cutting machine and a blade descends onto the top of the stack and pressure is exerted downwards until the blade has cut through the entire stack.

Because of this, a slight difference between the top side and underside of your paper develops. The “Top” Side or “Right” Side is generally smoother and has a convex appearance. The edges curve slightly downwards.

The “Bottom” Side or “Wrong” Side (underside) is generally a little bit rougher and has a concave appearance. If you are holding the underside facing upwards (facing you) – the edges will curve slightly upwards or towards you.

How big of a difference could this really make?

Sometimes a lot. It affects the way your strips hold curl – how tight the curl is. If you aren’t keeping your curls consistent and always using the top side of the paper, you might notice that some of your coils don’t match in the end even when you made them what you thought was the exact same size. They might have looser inner coils or tighter or the distribution might be off.

I recommend that you always keep the top side facing you.

The Right Side of Quilling Paper

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