These Are a Few of My Favorite Things | Part 1

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things | Part 1 is the first in a multi-part article series that delves into all the amazing things that I find useful for quilling. Even though I’ve been absent from the quilling community for a year or two now, I still receive regular emails from people who find images of my work on the internet. And a lot of the time, it’s people simply asking for advice. One of the most frequently asked questions (or series of questions) involves what I use for a quilling set up.

There are a few items that I consider “must-haves” and I will go over them in this post series. For most of the things on my list, a generic replacement will do just fine, if not, I’ll try to make a note of it.

Quilling Tool Assortment

The Savvy Slotted Tool by Quilled Creations

My go-to qulling tool is the Savvy Slotted Tool by Quilled Creations. They actually sent me this item to test and give them feedback on before it was released to the public, and even from the first twirl I was hooked.


Besides the Savvy Slotted Tool, I also keep the QC (Quilled Creations) regular slotted tool on hand, as well as a set of wooden slotted beading tools that I found on Etsy. I rarely use these other two tool types, but they come in handy for special projects and techniques. The beading tools have very deep and wide slots so you can curl very thick paper, or several layers of paper, and/or 1/2″ to 1″ wide strips.

Quilling Tweezers by Quilled Creations

The fine-tipped tweezers by QC are my favorite tweezers, too. In fact, they have a ton of products that I really love and I will surely be adding more to my list.

I prefer these tweezers over others because the tip is as thin as a razor. That being said, I always buy two of these whenever I order because I tend to drop them constantly and it ruins the tips fast. They also double as a weapon – don’t drop them point down onto your bare feet whatever you do!


Fine-Tip Scissors by Quilled Creations

I’m sure that you can get generic scissors similar to these, but since I order tools regularly, I always get these. I like the fine tip. They feel good in my hands and are just the right size for intricate quilling work.


Quilling Accessories

Outside of the basic tools, these are some accessories that I find I cannot live without.

Mini Mold by Quilled Creations

When I first bought this I did so on a whim and didn’t even touch it for a year (probably). I wasn’t sure why I’d need to use it so never did. Then I rediscovered it and have used it incessantly ever since. I can’t tell you what you need to use it for, it’s something you have to figure out on your own, but I use it to spiff up all my tight coils (taking them from flat-topped to dome-topped), and when I’m creating realistic eyes. I love, love, love, the mini mold!


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