Tortoiseshell Scrollwork Fat Cat | Warm-cream, White, & Gray

This is the first “natural” colored Fat Cat I’ve made so far in the scrollwork style. I was always planning to, but sometimes I get waylaid unless an order comes in and forces me to test out a new design. I’m extremely happy with how this guy came out and have created a listing on my Etsy shop. What do you think about this cute little Tortoiseshell Scrollwork Fat Cat?

Below are some detailed images. This artwork is 5″ x 7″ x 1/4″ and is mounted on a white, 300gsm cardstock background. The collar is cut from a piece of pink cardstock and the text was created with my Cricut.

I’m also really happy with the new collar option. Every cat I’ve sold lately has gone to their new owners wearing one. It’s nice to be able to offer such detailed customization.

I hope to create an E-Kit for this style over the winter. You’ve probably heard me say this before but I do most of my quilling work in the winter because Spring/Summer/Fall are gobbled up by my photography endeavors and my beloved Coonhound, Tyson. I promised him that on every good day he would get a long walky or hikey. He demands this now. But.. once the government forces us into altering our clocks again, it’ll be dark so early that I’ll barely be able to log off my work computer and get him outside. Last night I made the mistake of leaving late for our nightly hike and regretted it as I was a mile and a half into the woods when coyotes started howling nearby and I kept hearing things crash through the dark wooded areas surrounding the trail I was on.

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