Unicorn’s Pap Smear | Rainbow Acrylic Pour

I was watching some Youtube videos where a woman “specialized” in creating rainbow pours and I found he color combinations interesting. When I made Unicorn’s Pap Smear | Rainbow Acrylic Pour, I used her combo. Normally I would have tossed in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. I noticed that she only used red, yellow, aqua, blue, purple, and black, allowing the red/yellow, yellow/aqua/blue to mix and form secondary colors.

This was made using the Artist’s Loft Ready-to-Pour paints. They are unique in the sense that the are translucent and dry to a glossy finish. This is why I love them so much. But, cells do not form naturally in these paints and to get these, you have to add silicone.

You can’t see it from the images, but in many sections, the color layers over other colors. It’s really beautiful and wispy and adds to much depth. I love the way this came out and plan to do more rainbows in the future. I think the drama comes from the black underpainting. I’m not sure what it would look like with white underneath but will try at some point in the future. Right now I’m kind of overloaded with pour paintings.

Acrylic Pour Paintings for Sale

Unicorn’s Pap Smear | Rainbow Acrylic Pour is available for purchase. The paintings shown below are all for sale on my Etsy shop. If you see a painting on my website that you are interested in, but not on Etsy, it’s probably because I haven’t had a chance to photograph it and create a listing yet. Or, it’s because it’s in the process of curing and being varnished – this is a 3-4 week process. That being said, I am happy to reserve any of my artwork for you and create a listing if you’d like to purchase it before it’s ready to ship. Just contact me and we can figure it out.

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