Wawenock Golf Course Monogram

Last summer I prepped to make a replica golf course for my boss’s birthday. I searched the internet high and low for layouts of his favorite courses and really didn’t have great luck. My original idea was to make a paper replica of the whole course and quill in all the details. Well, I got pressed for time and ended up giving him a painting instead. I saved the score card I obtained (and scanned) and then forgot about it. So here we are a year later and I forgot it’s his birthday and needed a last-minute gift (again!). The solution was this Wawenock Golf Course Monogram. It allowed me to pare down the scope of the project but still make it highly personal.

Making the entire course was going to take more time than I had and a much larger canvas than I’d planned for. I was originally going to find a nice dog-leg hole and just do the “J” in his name – but that felt off as everyone calls him JD. I plopped up both letters in Design Space and brought the score card up in Inkscape and just started playing around with ideas.

I eventually settled on using a variety of replica holes to create the shapes of the J & D. While these holes are as close as possible to the actual course holes, I did accidentally flip the holes on the rounded edge of the D so they are reversed. Oh well. I didn’t have time to fix it or go back once I’d begun.

Inkscape is a great quilling companion and has allowed me to make some amazing replica items. Unfortunately, my job is ending next month, so next year there will be no golfing themed gifts. But, maybe someone will want a full course replica at some point as it’s something on my quilling bucket list.

I used hole 4 for the “J” and holes 1, 5, and 6 for the “D.”