White & Orange Scrollwork Fat Cat

This cute little guy’s name is Icarus. I absolutely love the name. He was my first White & Orange Scrollwork Fat Cat. One thing I’ve noticed over the years is that every single cat is unique in some way. I’ll likely never see another one like him. I especially like the little spot on his shoulder.

I tried to make his tail striped as the real Icarus had little end stripes on his. Sometimes the scrolls just fall into all the right places and this definitely happened with this guy. I generally follow a set pattern with my scrolls, but I kind of went outside the norm on this one and I like the results. I will definitely be freer with my scroll locations on the next Fat Cat I make.

I have slightly altered the Fat Cats in the sense that I’ve reduced their body size by about 1/4″ so there is a little more white space around the outside edge of the background. This makes them a lot easier to complete in a reasonable amount of time. I think I’ll keep them this size because it really works well.

In the next few days I will be publishing a page on my website that lists every cat that I offer as well as their framing and other options.

Available on Etsy

This White & Orange Scrollwork Fat Cat has been adopted, but I can always make another. You can purchase any of my custom cats via the links to my Etsy shop below, or, if you have a more specific project in mind, feel free to contact me with commission requests.

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