Yellow and Gray Flip Cup | Acrylic Pour Painting

The best practice is when you make things for yourself because there are no expectations, no customers to keep happy, no ratings and reviews to be mindful of. So it was pretty natural when I began pouring that I created this Yellow and Gray Flip Cup to test out my skills – and the beauty of it is that it matches my new bathroom set. I actually made two of these but the second one came out kind of muddy. I’m not 100% thrilled with this one, but it reminds me of marble and I definitely think it’ll brighten up my solid white bathroom walls.

Now I just need to get some frames ordered in. But, boy are the canvas float frames expensive! At least compared to the shadowbox frames I buy for my quilled artwork.


Although Yellow and Gray Flip Cup | Acrylic Pour Painting isn’t for sale on Etsy – I do have several that are listed currently. If you see a painting on my Facebook page or website that isn’t on Etsy, chances are it’s either in the curing phase, varnishing phase, or yet to be photographed. But, you can contact me to reserve items you are interested in. See my listings below.

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